Re: [-empyre-] potential of code..

> I think here's the basic difference -
> I find the world meaningless, human life, culture, etc. ultimately
> meaningless, except what we assign to it. There's no rationality to the
> world, no ultimate logic. There is jostling, juggling, from the levels of
> strings, virtual particles, on up to political parties. And we're a
> species in bloom, incredibly destructive of other species.
> In the midst of this I don't find the mind rational or even processing
> rational or 'linke a language' in any sense.
> And I think we should move on? We all have such very different viewpoints
> here and - at least in terms of codework (Florian, where are you?) -
> there's a great deal to discuss -

yes, you're right

so by saying 'so long' to all, i'd like to offer you this poem


Nature is beauty
even in ugliness

There, there is a carcass
shredded bones, torn flesh
greenish blood and lymph
Through the animal carrion
worms make their way
In delight

Nature is life and perfection
even in death

In that we cannot compete
with our thoughts and images
We can only articulate signs
dreams and sounds
to find Harmony

Tamara Laï 2001


kind regards


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