Re: [-empyre-] potential of code..

it was not an assertion, just a question. The fact is that certain artists
et poets are visionaries. As for understanding our own oracles which prove
often foolish... perhaps we don't seek in the good direction? perhaps the
meaning is elsewhere...

oracle is based on a clear sight of all the present conditions or states of being. with clear sight of that present moment, future moments can be more-or-less disclosed (I can't say deduced, as the sight, and its clarity are not in that way). the I Ching is built upon the recognition of the present condition, and the 'knowledge' (another loaded word) of the movements of energy generally. The future is a 'result' of present (and always changing) conditions. Understanding this kind of oracle unfortunately does not necessitate any sensible behavior. Nor, it seems, can many people recognize the 'quality' of the Oracle vs the emptiness of the Fool.

Seeing clearly is a result of a living action-praxis and is not
related to the linguistic reductions involved in social behavior,
something that removes the oracle from the general social flow.  they
don't need it.  they are looking at flows much more profound than the
'merely' social...

ce n'état pas une affirmation, juste une question. Il n'empêche que certains
artistes et poètes sont des visionnaires.
Quant à comprendre nos propres oracles qui s'avèrent souvent insensés...
peut-être ne cherchons-nous pas dans la bonne direction ? peut-être le sens
est ailleurs...

Wednesday night's rant.. after a day of teaching.


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