RE: [-empyre-] potential of code..

> i just want to say that there are constructions that seems with no-sense
> et en réalité, we're not able to understand

I agree, Tamara.

> >> but the sense perhaps (is often) hidden, coded, to return from there to
> >> principal discussion -
> >> a thing, a fact, can seem to appear with no sense, and really,
> it is we who
> >> do not have the code, the syntax, the language necessary to understand.
> >> It is also a question of level: how an ant could know what it
> occurs at the
> >> top of a mountain?

Just like we have evolved to have hands, from their usefulness, so too the
mechanisms of language and programmability are useful in the process of
thinking. To me, the voice of creation inheres in the awesome forms of
things, in the awful existence even, as you say, of a carcass rotting with

I hope you do not say 'so long', Tamara, but continue on the forum. Your
contributions, presence, and art are valued and you are a featured guest
this month like the others.

"Nature is life and perfection
even in death

In that we cannot compete
with our thoughts and images
We can only articulate signs
dreams and sounds
to find Harmony"

This reminds me of the stacatto dream-aspect of your own online work at and its codes. It seemed to me that in the work of
yours I've seen so far, neither text nor image nor sound is dominative, but
there is an attempt to create expression through a synthesis or
juxtaposition of them?


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