Re: [-empyre-] potential of code..

>>>> but the sense perhaps (is often) hidden, coded, to return from there to
>>>> principal discussion -
>>>> a thing, a fact, can seem to appear with no sense, and really,
>> it is we who
>>>> do not have the code, the syntax, the language necessary to understand.
>>>> It is also a question of level: how an ant could know what it
>> occurs at the
>>>> top of a mountain?
> Just like we have evolved to have hands, from their usefulness, so too the
> mechanisms of language and programmability are useful in the process of
> thinking. To me, the voice of creation inheres in the awesome forms of
> things, in the awful existence even, as you say, of a carcass rotting with
> maggots.

yes, and our idea of the Good and the Evil must be much skimped seen "from
the top"

> I hope you do not say 'so long', Tamara, but continue on the forum. Your
> contributions, presence, and art are valued and you are a featured guest
> this month like the others.

i was writing to Melinda that it is difficult for me to follow the debates
and to answer it (my English is very 'brief')

ok, i'll try some more

thanks again

> "Nature is life and perfection
> even in death
> In that we cannot compete
> with our thoughts and images
> We can only articulate signs
> dreams and sounds
> to find Harmony"
> This reminds me of the stacatto dream-aspect of your own online work at
> and its codes. It seemed to me that in the work of
> yours I've seen so far, neither text nor image nor sound is dominative, but
> there is an attempt to create expression through a synthesis or
> juxtaposition of them?

an attempt indeed
where intentions (or sentiments ? or pheromones ? or ? ...) cannot reach,
got to try with words, or/and with images, or/and with sounds

in the case of  multi-media works
when I allow myself to send practically incomprehensible texts I try to
spare tracks, while compensating with easier images and sounds
(et vice versa)
to give the public the possibility of finding something there nevertheless
if not it is frustrating and discouraging (for the public)

but, the message (there is almost always one), is more "in between" all
elements, in a subliminal way
it's in the "synthesis or juxtaposition of them"
as you says

when you walk in a forest, or at sea, if your reason decodes all elements in
action, by separating them (the sounds, the images, the perfumes, the
rhythms, and also what we know about these...), that does not prevent us
from feelings and emotions  (bringing us back to impressions and memories...
it is a little bit that I seek to recreate : poetical environments


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