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Sorry for being quite absent, but it's a lot of stuff to deal with...

Hello Alessandro,

I find your very useful, particularly for news
of interactive audio projects, since that is my own work, but also your is useful far more broadly. There aren't too many sites around
that provide the 'news' (is that the right word?) concerning new projects in
digital art. None that I know of do as good a job as what I see on your

Thanks a lot for your compliments!

I have been reading recently of Italy under Berlusconi. I suppose it would
be a bit like Ted Turner becoming president of the USA or Conrad Black Prime
Minister in Canada. He is a big media monster. I read that he is a regular
visitor of Bush in the USA, also. They seem to be 'birds of a feather'.

Sadly, they are.

How do you view the role of and, more generally, the internet and
its art amid this curent pretty revolting situation both in Italy and much
of the West concerning strong political abuse of electronic media?

It's such a big question....
Anyway, I think that ultra-conservative communication must be fought with radical communication and deconstruction of propaganda mechanism. And that's the stuff many artists and artivist deal with. So the role of is to report of freedom of expression initiatives, artistic intervention and new practices that could rise the consciousness on what is happening here: a media monopoly mogul that produces invisible censorship and is eroding every public richness (space, structures, state's ownerships, internal relationships...).
The net offers lots of spaces for debates, wich are very important to reflect and speculate, but I'm really interested in ideas, innovative ideas that outstand new point of views and strategical tactics of resisting.

I think that this is very important for conserving and fostering freedom of expression.


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