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It doesn't translate that literally as 'cells' etc.

But the theory is full of holes - Azure's studying it technically with one
of the creators, who's been abandoning the notion.

In most of the accounts 'sentient' doesn't figure into it at all. But
holarchic homeostatic system does.

Which leaves big problems re: pollutants, extinctions, etc. Not to mention
global warming and volcanic catastrophism.

Anyway the bulk of life is in rock strata, not scraping its way across the
surface the way we do.


On Fri, 14 Nov 2003, Alessandro Ludovico wrote:

> >For me, much of the
> >'meaning of life' is in making things with and/or for others, though I am
> >rarely very good at collaboration in art.
> Gaia theory, anyone?
> It's just another point of view: the earth as a global sentient
> organism and the humanity as cells of this (sorry for simplifing too
> much, perhaps).
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