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yes, exactly - although when part of the system corrupts/disappears, this
is also taken as karma, inevitable, and the system readjusts. in a sense
there's always homeostasis - alan

On Sat, 15 Nov 2003, Alessandro Ludovico wrote:

> >Anyway the bulk of life is in rock strata, not scraping its way across the
> >surface the way we do.
> I agree with this, and I simplified too much as I said.
> What fascinates me is the recurring concept of a networked system.
> It implies the inter-dependence of the subsystems involved, and their
> collaboration (even fighting each other, if needed) for the living of
> the whole system.
> It's like a self-funded geographical data network. To survive it
> needs that everyone contributes with its mainteinance activity and
> work. Just like when one eye starts to endeavour in order to balance
> the other eye's weakness.
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