RE: [-empyre-] neural

Alessandro, your has been up for a few years, I know, and was, for
some time, available solely in Italian ( ). Now it is available
in English also ( ). How does that work? I note that
the Italian and English versions are a bit different from one another, but I
haven't noted whether the English is a subset of the Italian content, or
whether they have different material, also.

Is the audience quite broadly international, or do you find more visitors
from Italy than anywhere else? The work you cover is from all over the
place, which I like.

What sort of community is there where you live concerning digital art? I
note that you cover a fairly large proportion of offline projects, so I'm
wondering where you get your information about those? Are there galleries of
digital art or other art centres where you live that you frequent and get
information from, or is your information mostly from online sources?

What other sites would you recommend that regularly 'cover' and
digital art with reviews and criticism?


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