Re: [-empyre-] free will and determinism

I would like to speak last once about my personal experiment: since my
"arrival" on the Net and the beginning of my activities as a Net artist, I
believed that it was possible, via this new media, to connect the
consciences and the imaginaries, to divide, by artistic and poetic
collaboration, a little of this spark of humanity - so different and so
similar - which animates us.
Several years later, I realize to have failed, all that it remains about it,
it is a testimony, that all this existed, that there really was an
And if it were the essence? And if it were that which it is necessary to
divide? our testimony 'in flesh', so that others, those which arrive, young
people perhaps, can be said: ' They lived that (also), and here is what they
made with it, and (in the case of difficulties), here how they get off


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