Re: [-empyre-] free will and determinism

> Why do you consider it to be a failure, Tamara?
> ja

here is a piece of a text on Web art that i've written in 1999

" (...) And the body in all that? In the virtual exchange, we are in the
presence of a particular quality of light (of knowledge, of conscience)
which perhaps can be initiatory but which can also plug and alienate people
who is not prepared. We are human beings and we need incarnation. To
separate the body from the soul is a dangerous play, one can be easily lost
there. This is why it is essential to be attentive at the moment when the
story finishes, before the dream is not transformed into nightmare. The soul
must, then, regain its residence which is the body. (...)"

personnally, it's still on topic

and on a global level? perhaps it's too early to make a right report


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