Re: [-empyre-] free will and determinism

I also would like to know in what sense failure? We're still in the
beginning of virtuality, with all its dangers and pitfalls; at this
limited early stage, there are huge divides between body and virtual mind,
if such exists - it will be decades. And the whole prospect, given the
condition of the world, is so ephemeral, so delicate, with the world now
continually on the edge of utter disaster.

But at least we have contacted one another and in some senses have created
communities, and communalities, and perhaps that is all that we can do -


On Tue, 18 Nov 2003, tamara lai wrote:

> I would like to speak last once about my personal experiment: since my
> "arrival" on the Net and the beginning of my activities as a Net artist, I
> believed that it was possible, via this new media, to connect the
> consciences and the imaginaries, to divide, by artistic and poetic
> collaboration, a little of this spark of humanity - so different and so
> similar - which animates us.
> Several years later, I realize to have failed, all that it remains about it,
> it is a testimony, that all this existed, that there really was an
> 'attempt'.
> And if it were the essence? And if it were that which it is necessary to
> divide? our testimony 'in flesh', so that others, those which arrive, young
> people perhaps, can be said: ' They lived that (also), and here is what they
> made with it, and (in the case of difficulties), here how they get off
> there."
> tamara
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