[-empyre-] French-English code switching WAS: Web_of_lies, then / else

> Web_of_lies 
> http://www.imal.org/tamara_lai/web_of_lies/index.html
> then 
> Mortal Stratego (!!!! 5,4 Mo !!!!)
> http://www.imal.org/tamara_lai/mortal_stratego/m_stratego.html

Hey Tamara,

I have read a few articles about conversational code switching as it
pertains to Spanish/English speakers who live near the Mexico border in the
US. For them, code switching and when it occurs acts as an important
signifier in the meaning of the dialog--certainly as important as
inflection, it seems.  I would imagine that the poly-coded nature of your
texts has similar implications.

Since my French is  a little rusty from disuse, perhaps you wouldn't mind
explaining a bit of your thinking behind using a pastiche of language in
your work.


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