Re: [-empyre-] free will and determinism

The Voices in my Head tell me that on 11/20/03 7:20 PM, Alan Sondheim at wrote:

> In a way, this sounds like a naive approach to issues of naming and
> natural kinds - as well as bringing up problems of as-if universes.
> (Thinking of Kripke's work here.)
> Not sure it's Wheeler but Hugh Everett III with his many-worlds
> interpretation of QM.
> - Alan, bleary w/ codeine

Jaron's pretty well fed up with the hard AI stance as you or I. He has some
interesting ideas. The article is worth reading, and often has all
kinds of odd stuff of value. I think Wheeler was Mr Many Worlds.

Alan: do yourself a favour:

take time off and SLEEP! I think we can all amuse ourselves for a few

Codeine can do interesting things when you're ill, esp. if you have a cough.

I have a painful foot condition (a severe case of plantar fasciitis and now
"heel spur" syndrome) and minor back problem, so I was already orbital on
some weird mix of painkillers (vicodin, oxy something or others, and
celebrex because vioxx was messing with my bloodpressure) and then when I
got the flu, I took some wacky over the counter flu meds so I could breathe.
Talk about orbital... and not fun, "weeeee! I'm in outer space" orbital.
More like "crumbling space ship is spinning out of control, brain is made of
wheat paste, and everything is happening at 7,000 miles per hour as I crash
and burn with a horde of smelly bats at my shoulder" orbital... I don't
recommend it.

A big chunk of last week and this weekend past is missing. I got my foot set
with medical tape, orthotics and new shoes, so I tossed the weird drugs in
the trash. The flu went away, and I feel SO much better. Not 100%, but way
better. Celebrex makes me clumsy. Tomorrow I get a shot of cortical
steroids. Who knows? Maybe in a month I'll be able to walk...

Oh, and I'm out of money and need a job, like anyone would hire me in this


Hope you feel better soon.


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