Re: [-empyre-] free will and determinism

> thusly, rocks think?

Yes, but at rhythms too slow for us technological-speed-addicted
colonialists to understand .. which would entail not only a quantitative
difference in speed but a qualitative difference in 'thought'.

The brain is not any special matter over any other matter. It's just folded
in such a way that its rhythms perpetuate a self-reflexive and refractive
energy we call language, and that this language resonates among humanity at
a rate which expounds exponential production & destruction through its
inwardness. Everything else speaks & talks too--we are just too busy
self-glorifying ourselves with chatter about how special we are to take the
time to listen, telling ourselves more and more myths about how Us, one
particular flowmoment filament in timespace has found 'the answer', the
Truth of Us (as we are all that requires such a Truth -- rocks apparently do
not), a giant orgy of autoaffection, back-patting with egos high...

/Humanity's best & worst property is navel-gazing: at once the power of
creation & destruction.\

There was some talk of this on -empyre- a few months ago, that First Nations
peoples did take this time to listen, and that time/s was something very
different for them, not to mention space/s.

I have found that AI theorists have ears only wired -- their only dialogue
is with machines, pasty Profs with their blinkingmachines, arguing amongst
themselves as to whose machine blinks biggest and longest like their
brainblink which is the same across all bodies & difference -- a polemic
here, but how necessary, today, to give space to those who cannot speak (we
need new ears -- rave culture knew this: the sensuous ear of the body, as
Kodwo Eshun elaborates, the becoming-ear of the body: ) .


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