Re: [-empyre-] metaphor

The Voices in my Head tell me that on 11/26/03 8:02 AM, Joel Weishaus at wrote:

> And I offer to you Steven Heine's "Opening a Mountain: Koans of the Zen
> Masters." Even to Zen Masters, the world was, and is, mysterious. An
> illusion, yes; but one that contains ghosts, dragons, and mysterious women.

All of it symbols. Nansen never really cut a cat in half. One should not
confuse the finger with the moon it is pointing at...

> That "we measure one way, but we dream another" is true. And I will read
> Wilson's book. Thanks!

you're welcome. It's really good.

> What zendo did you live in?

Ka-Shin zendo genzo-hi.


Gotta trot- gone for the weekend. My best to all empyreans.


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