[-empyre-] coming up on -empyre-

in the next few months of southern summer /northern winter -empyre-
presents  a diversity of guests and topics from around the newtworks:

--> december :: women, art and technology
guests: Judy Malloy, Anna Couey, Sonya Rappoport and Jaishree Odin

--> january ::  new media histories: personal and public
guests: Jill Scott, Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Nick Montfort

--> february ::  the art of online collaboration
guests:  Trebor Scholz  and Geert Lovink

--> march:: writing from south america
guests: Regina Célia Pinto, Jorge Luiz Antonio, Alexandre Venera, Ana Maria

--> april/may ::  webradio, steaming and opensource
guests: Radioqualia, Pingfm and others.

more details to be confirmed soon!!

the -empyre- facilitators..

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