Re: [-empyre-] metaphor

Farewell as well. I've been thinking of this odd month, I wish to have
been quieter, it's been a difficult period for other reasons. And the
discussion, at least part of it, became side-tracked into mathematical
philosophy - since it didn't start out on the topic, I felt - at least
on my end - that I was blurting out, rather than constructing. I've
also missed Florian, who is usually more clearer than I am - I'm a bit
worried, since I haven't heard anything from him at all - we work
on the nettime unstable digest together.

I've been reticent about sending my own work to the list, since the
practice/praxis is rather obsessive - yet there are times I did so.

Also felt the gender issue far too strongly - too many males. I'm not
sure that played into Tamara's final message - which I took to heart
in a lot of ways - but it felt like it.

Ah well, if only words could be withdrawn -

And thank you all for this opportunity of course - it was wonderful.

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