Re: [-empyre-] An indecipherable communication?: Gaia and sonic topologies

> Gaia theory, anyone?
> It's just another point of view: the earth as a global sentient
> organism and the humanity as cells of this (sorry for simplifing too
> much, perhaps).

at this from Alessandro, i wanted to answer this below
(it's a text i've written for T-deus, but couldn't 'God'  be replace by Gaia
or Nature?)


...  from larger to smallest - its dream, its spirit and its substance /
...from gentle to malicious, from the saint to the assassin, we belong to
the large body and divine intention
is God atom and universe ? I think that yes, God it is all that, light and
shade / this is why God is eternal, like life, like death
we are its cells, its enzymes, its viruses...



thanks again, I was pleased to meet you all

stay in touch


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