Re: [-empyre-] An indecipherable communication?: Gaia and sonic topologies

Interesting conjecture just occurred to me re networks, net etc.

So what the hell, here goes, you may recall seeing those insect like mini
robots that various people have cobbled together from bits and pieces, they
are mostly six legged and crawl about the place learning how to navigate
obstacles etc. Learning, at a low level, AI at a low level, not even as
sophisticated as real insects but learning all the same.

So if you have software that uses the net as a crawl space, so to speak,
wouldn't it be possible for that software to learn, accumulate knowledge,
about its _environment_? What it would do with this data/knowledge I have no
idea but I'm sure that artists and others would think of something. Would it
develop high level functions, no, but it could be fun, after all, with all
those web cams out there ... the night has a thousand eyes.

Cheers, Barrie

on 30.11.03 07:04 AM, Alan Sondheim at wrote:

> If you look deeply into tcp/ip, domain addressing, etc. - I think you'd
> find very little parallel with mind or neural processing. The idea that
> the Net will 'evolve' re: consciousness or intelligence has been around
> for a long time, but looking at routers, routing, protocols, etc., I'd say
> it's impossible - any more than the telephone network ever exhibited
> anything more than broken 911 calls - Alan
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