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Hello emypre. [I originally sent this reply this morning, but it didn't go through, so a duplicate might show up eventually.]

I'm not sure where microsound as a genre is heading, since I find it difficult to grasp microsound as an entity (forest for the trees). There is so much going on in, around, and in between microsound and micro-influenced sounds that it's hard to imagine a family tree with some semblance of order. Which is a good thing. I like the fluidity of being able to navigate genres and the interstices between genres by embracing the improvisational process. So, whatever is in store for the microsound family, I will be navigating the edges, looking for fissures, testing out metaphors.

As far as the technology goes, it’s hard to imagine sometimes that digital technology will continue to evolve, expand, and accelerate. The Powerbook G4 or Sony Vaio of today becomes the Commodore 64 of tomorrow. I do look forward to future generations of lighter and thinner laptops, simply for the ease of travel. Another thing that really excites me is the audiopad: http://web.media.mit.edu/~jpatten/newaudiopad.html. I hope that plans are finalized to eventually market this thing (or at least further iterations of the technology). My fingers tingle with the possibilities . . .

So, on that note, this might have to be my farewell. The new semester starts tomorrow, and, as Office Manager of the English Department here at CSULB, the next week will undoubtedly be insane.

I had a great time, I learned quite a bit, and discovered several new threads for my research and reading. I want to thank my co-panelists, Trace Reddell, John Kannenberg, John Hudak, and tobias c. van Veen, for their thoughtful discussion and analysis. Thanks also to Michael Arnold Mages for inviting us to participate in this month’s discussion, and to the empyre list members for welcoming us to the (virtual) table.



Trace Reddell wrote:

For closers, I'm wondering who might be interested in going into
prediction-mode for a bit -- what do you see on the horizon as some of the
post-microsound futures? Where do you see yourself / the genre / the
technology / and the audience-reception headed?


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