[-empyre-] Welcome to Networked Performance with Company in Space and Kondition Pluriel

"The space becomes like a body, and the live body
becomes a space..." --Kondition Pluriel 2003

-empyre- is pleased to welcome Company in Space
(Australia) and Kondition Pluriel (Canada/Austria) as
guests for our September conversation on performance
and digital media.

Melbourne-based Company in Space joins us for
September 1-15.  Since 1993, co-directors Hellen Sky
and John McCormick have pioneered telematic
performance in experiments in networked movement, in
live and online kinaesthetic, visual and aural worlds
using motion capture imaging and video. Company in
Space has performed internationally in Europe, Asia,
Australia in numerous festivals and exhibitions. 

As artists-in-residence at RMIT's Interactive
Information Institute, Company in Space  researches
liveinteractive performance and the extension of the
body's relationship to space over the internet and
within realtime virtual theatre environments.         

>From September 15 to month's end, -empyre- will enlist
the forces of Kondition Pluriel, with Marie-Claude
Poulin and Martin Kusch. 

Kondition Pluriel creates interactive installations
and environments,incorporating 
technology,architecture,site-specificity, and live
performance through the disciplines of choreography
and contemporary dance performance.Martin Kusch and
Marie-Claude  Poulin  began their research as
kondition pluriel in Montreal 2000, with the aim of 
transcending each of their disciplines - Martin's work
in the field of  media art involving responsive
environments and installations, and  Marie-Claude's
background in movement, dance and scientific concepts
-  to create interdisciplinary works in which
movement, performance, digital  interactive technology
and digital video combine on equal footing to  form a
new space and language. 


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