[-empyre-] Networked Performance: introduction

How does performative space become networked space?
How might the traditions of theatre, dance and ritual,
such as butoh, or 20th century avantgarde processes
such as fluxus, inform or critique the practice and
theory of performative, live movement?  Is there a
'ghost in the machine', like a generative algorithm
that sets in motion relations to live movement and
virtual reaction?  Where is meaning, and where is
body? Is there a sense of place in performative
networked space?

Such questions may stream through a new practice of
networked performance, pioneered by our empyrean
guests for September, Company in Space (AU) and
Kondition Pluriel (CA). 

Hellen Sky and John McCormick of CIS  share their
insight, research and issues regarding this practice
in the two weeks forthcoming.  

Company in Space pioneers applications of new
technology to movement in interactive networked
virtual spaces, accessible from around the world. 
Since 1999 the company have been resident artists at
RMIT Interactive Information Institute where they have
created online networked performance environments
including HOME NOT ALONE, C03. A live virtual reality
performance, and THE LIGHT ROOM. Their latest research
explores approaches and applications of real time
motion capture within shared 3D VR environments, and
the synthesis of constructed and virtual
architecture,avatars and live performers. 

 In 2000 their works Escape Velocity and Trial by
Video were featured in international festivals such as
the ?Dare to Dream?arts rave and performance
exhibition in Hong Kong, ?New Moves New Territories
Festival? in Glasgow, and the ?Dutch Electronic Art
Festival? in Rotterdam. In 2001 CIS collaborated with
Hong Kong Arts Centre to create INCARNATE a duel site
performance linking telematically dancers and
audiences in Hong Kong and Melbourne, CO3; A live
virtual reality performance for Interact Asia Pacific
Multi Media Festival networked online to performer in
Florida.  In May 2002 the company funded by DFAT Image
Abraod to take C03: Live virtual reality performance
as a featured event in the Manchester Commonwealth
Games Cultural program - Culture Shock ? digital
Summer Festival at The Royals Exchange Theatre London,
ICA ( institute for contemporary arts) UK Bristol?s
Arnolfini and Future Physicals at Bury St Edmonds.

THE LIGHT ROOM 2002 hybrid new media performance and
installation collaboration had its world premiere in
Melbourne Festival at The Melbourne Museum in Oct


Please join Hellen and John on -empyre-.


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