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Thanks John
I suppose this  art  was trying to carry  and evoke the mystery and power of
without intellectual rigor and compassion.
Frank Shifreen

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You are not alone in your reaction to this piece. Art of this kind
strikes me as crude sensationalism. I would be interested in hearing
a truly compelling argument in favor of such a practice.


john kannenberg

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>Please warn us about the inclusion of  "art" which causes harm to animals.
>used to work at the NYU Brain Lab
>and have seen it all, but I think art should be metaphorical, and that is
>why I am an artist. In the lab, an animal killed was called a "sacrifice",
>and it had all the aura of an ancient priesthood and ritual murder. Most of
>the animals killed in the lab seemed more to satisfy  the exigencies of a
>grant  than to learn more about the brain. When artists do similar
>experiments as art it seems cruel and pointless.  Is this art as fascism?
>Am  I alone in my response to this work ?
>Frank Shifreen
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>"Goedel + Understanding" 2001-2002  Germany
>Performances with  Traffic Cameras in K-ln Germany

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