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Hello again, empyre list readers.

works referenced in the first rather long statement,  have histories and in
relationship to some  of the projects reviews at our web site
http:// www.companyinspace.com

in the last contribution  a brief overview of cis  works  created over the
last five years  saw the  trajectory of the performing body from the
networked body distributed    via  isdn telecommunication  camera based
systems  - 

 to a progression of the networked body  through the real time generation of
codes to control the motion of avatars ( virtual characters)  through using
wearable  motion capture   exoskelton -   an article by Julie Clarke is
available at the website linked from projects -  C03 2001.

C03  real time motion capture performance remains a work in repetoire to
engage a live theatre audience drawing juxtapositions to the live motions
capture performer and her virtual 3DVR representations.   In the final scene
of that work, the avatar no longer takes on human form but is visible as
collection of geometric shapes  altered dynamically( and in real time) by
the movement of the performer.

As this virtual connected space continues to engage conceptual frameworks
for  new LIVE  networked performance -   thematic and technological terrains
take time to formulate.

The possibilities of relenquishing any direct representation of the body, in
3DVR environments  while understanding the potential for creating  presence,
interaction between shared realtime body data generating performers and the
interaction between other sets of codes,  artificial  intelligence  within
that world is something of a paradigm  shift  for live  performing arts.

at this point in time we are researching these relationships.  the
technological frontiers being addressed through intelligent and  responsive
programming,  but ultimately with  knowledge that the audience  live in situ
in physical space to  screens in view of live generating motion capture
performer will draw new sensibilities to concepts of choreography, and
movement of media between these  spaces.

we are interested to here of people thought on body as code, knowing that
daily online communications are building up digital representations of the
user through collection of their online identities accumulated while they do
their banking, search the web etc.

re  brain experiments,  the brain and its mechanical and chemical networks
are not something that company in space has ever investigated through animal
sacrifice.  however the activity in the brain  in  performance and how it is
seen through new technological eyes in its live states is of great interest.

The concepts of the body performing as code within   shared 3DVR worlds

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