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Is it neccessarily a reduction when a person is represented in virtual space
Does it not have to do with engagement rather than representation? If something engages you enough you will probably want to engage with it if you have the chance, whatever the extend of mediation, or medium. I think representation is a difficult word in this context.
independently of their bodies, in virtual space
The only way you can act independently of your body is when you are dead and you live on in people's memories - and even then this memory is connected to a body that once lived. There is no escape.
can it not be an expansion or parallel mode?
Can we talk about parallel with regards to network performance, on the grounds that a network can be thought of as potentially boarder-less while parallel indicates a separation; paths that don't cross.
Does the concept of dance inextricably involve the concept of body, or can a
person's soul/spirit dance?
Does not the concept of surgery inextricably involve the concept of the body and can a surgeon's knife not dance?
I always think of virtual environments as independent of the body, but most
people do not,
People with dance backgrounds generally seem to think in terms of "the body" before anything else, and get concerned about what happens to it in certain situations - in "virtual environments" for example, where as others don't worry so much about it. People who use less energy thinking about their bodies often have more energy to engage with "virtual environments" with more ease.
possibly because distance therefore travel therefore body seems
to linger in perceptions of cyberspace.
How much attention do you pay to your body when you're talking on the telephone?
Is it more or less present?
Does talking to your lover on the phone make that person more or less present to you, bodywise or otherwise, and is it possible to separate "bodywise" from "otherwise"?
What do you think Hellen?
My name is not Hellen! :)

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