[-empyre-] networked performance

i would like to contribute to this discussion but i've been immersed in physical theatre for 10 days & now i'm immersed in tactical media for an intense weekend - drowning in emails, brain overdose. i've looked at the previous emails & haven't found a way in to the discussion so i'm just going to say what i do.

i create networked performances with globally dispersed collaborators
we devise, rehearse and perform online
remote performers coming together in live theatre via free chat tools, in real time
low-tech wizardry, cyberformance


we are exploring the meeting of The Body and The Avatar, the meeting of theatre and the internet, how internet technology might be used in theatre (not simply as a tool for distribution/broadcast) and how the physical Body performs in cyberspace. our work sits in the space between Theatre and New Media, which is still largely undefined territory, & we hope that with our experiments we can push the boundaries & initiate discussion.

h : )

helen varley jamieson: creative catalyst

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