RE: [-empyre-] sense of place in digital space....

In relation to jeffs's comment about:

"forming a mental-mapping of the experience which
includes notions of both place/space and of
relative "proximity" of the other(s)"

Now answering from the internal point of view of
the performer only (not thinking about the viewer

In most of the work, or performative situations we
created until now, Martin and me always tried to
build a kind of mirrored situation between what I
(the performer) was busy doing in the performing
space and the relation I was developping with the
media dispositiv. In fact, by being part of the
dispositif myself, I was for sure integrating a
mental-mapping of the experience which was
including notions of the prysical space and of an
"other space" with which I was relativly close to!

To come back to the "mirorring" attempt and
explain it more, the idea is that in the physical
performative space, I'm in general "busy" with
physical tools (crutches for example), trying to
accomplish some impossible task. The goal is to
show the process, the journey of dealing with
tools and to see how this journey is affecting the
body an the use of the tools.

To finish by coming back to the notion of space,
or to the idea of "both place/space", I think
somehow that there is more than two spaces. I
think there is many spaces and virtual space is
one of them. I think these spaces are often
created, projected by our body/minds and can be
found in dayly situations, in our dealing with our

Here is a quote from a french neurophysiologist,
specialist of human movement:

"In the integration of physical elements,
perceived as significant, in one's own body, the
object taken as an extension is perceived in its
place in the space outside the body and not at the
point of contact between the instrument and the
body. The brain, therefore, constructs a spatial
extension accurate for the body." Alain Berthoz,
Le sens du mouvement [translation]

Thanks for discussing,
talk soon again,


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On Thursday, September 18, 2003, Martin wrote from

> in our performances,  in which often  "only"
the live performers are
> in direct contact with the interactive
technology, I could say that the
> notion of place does not play such an important

not sure I can buy this...
the social scientist in me
rebels at this contention <grin/>

could you speak to this issue some more?

if they can "see" the tech in action
and they can experience "the other" in some way
then I would probably contend that
whether "in direct contact with the interactive
or not
*will* form a mental-mapping of the experience
which includes notions of both place/space
and of relative "proximity" of the other(s)

but perhaps I am misunderstanding
what you are saying...


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