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On Thursday, September 18, 2003, at 11:01 AM, Jeff Sonstein wrote:

On Thursday, September 18, 2003, Martin wrote from

in our performances, in which often "only" the live performers are
in direct contact with the interactive technology, I could say that the
notion of place does not play such an important role

hmmmmmm not sure I can buy this... the social scientist in me rebels at this contention <grin/>

could you speak to this issue some more?

if they can "see" the tech in action
and they can experience "the other" in some way
then I would probably contend that
whether "in direct contact with the interactive technology"
or not
*will* form a mental-mapping of the experience
which includes notions of both place/space
and of relative "proximity" of the other(s)

aha, this is a good point, I agree that in the moment we are integrating
interactive parameters and technology into the work, that a mental mapping
can/will take place and digital space "appears" and is present -
(regarding to the viewer´s information and knowledge and the usage of the tools)
but I was trying to explain: that the notion or let us say the sense of place does not play an important role,
for us in the construction of our last performance works.
In my previous statements I consider very much the idea of the "sense of place" as a terminology which plays quite an important role when you are the "manipulator" directly engaged....

in the process and in the course of the performance digital space - and digital processes become physical and present, to which extent the viewer´s mental mapping forms a sense of place is something which I can not answer, because being the artist who proposes the work, and creates a contextual sensation, my capacity to judge what the spectator receives or perceives is beyond my knowledge...

Being in my own daily practice, for the last 14 years permanent ly engaged with all these "ghosts in the machine " with all these digital tools, digital space and place are on my personal level of daily empirical experience a permanent fact....hmmm therefore my reality is feeling and sensing ...let us say I am tuned to digital space and sense it continously...;-)

In one of our presentations the producer in Paris was watching the performance schème for 4 evenings in a row - une grande dame from danse and performance absolutely not familiar to digital terms and terminology,
she realised after the 4th evening that
a) the projected images have been 3 dimensional representations from her own performance space
b) the video images and sounds have been generated in real time, every evening different
c) that the "funny small items " which the performers have been wearing all the time, have been sensors (what is this)....
what I want to say by this, is that the presence of the "other" did not play in that case an important role, the layer of perception was the "sensational" live-experience, all elements at once.


but perhaps I am misunderstanding
what you are saying...


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