Re: [-empyre-] sense of place in digital space....

dear martin and Marie-Claude and the list:

I hope you do not mind if I continue this thread a bit...
for I am fascinated by issues of
self-in-space and relation-to-the-other
but don't want to bore you [plural]

one thing I find particularly interesting is
tied in with the reality that
we all perceive much more than we notice

by this I mean that
the raw sensual/sensory inputs
which we encounter/take-in
are filtered by our "minds"
so that we are not overwhelmed by
noticing too much...
all the inputs *do* seem to be retained
at least in the individual's unconscious

martin writes:

    what I want to say by this, is that the presence
    of the "other" did not play in that case an important
    role, the layer of perception was the "sensational"
    live-experience, all elements at once.

I guess that I would argue that
the grande dame from danse
might not have *noticed*
but that on some level she did *perceive*
the physical relations between the things
which the performers interacted with

    the media [...] displositif
    (which I understand to mean "devices"??)

[thus implying the performers themselves
as embedded in a physical context]
and the performers [the "others" for her]
and the images and sounds and so on resulting...
it just took her unconscious a while
to "chew on"
and to integrate
and to make sense of
the inputs

martin says:

     that the notion or let us say the sense of place
     does not play an important role, for us in the
     construction of our last performance works

but I would argue that
this is an inescapable part of
your being humans...
it is impossible for
either a "viewer of"
or a "performer of"
or a "composer" of
to escape their cognitions being embedded
in a sense of place
and spatiality/physical-relatedness
at least on the unconscious level

I would totally agree with Marie-Claude that

    there is more than two spaces [...] there
    is many spaces and virtual space is one of them

enough of this...
I must go home and paint bookshelves <grin/>
hope this wasn't *too* boring


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