Re: [-empyre-] sense of place in digital space....

> it is impossible for
> either a "viewer of"
> or a "performer of"
> or a "composer" of
> *anything*
> to escape their cognitions being embedded
> in a sense of place
> and spatiality/physical-relatedness
> at least on the unconscious level

Inasmuch as the physical is facilitator of perception, naturally it is 
inescapable, but isn't it the difference between PERception and CONception? 
Sure, I use my ears to perceive a piece of music, but the appreciation (ie, 
conception) of it is a spiritual process that is (or at least can be) 
unrelated to physical situation. This recalls the immersion discussion a 
couple months back, and the example I used of reading a novel - the mind is 
transported to a state removed from the physical, implying that immersion 
(and virtual 'space') is a state that is somehow unrelated to physicality.


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