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Hello everyone,

Some questions to kondition pluriel from
> How do
> you develop performative spaces...through
narrative and choreography,
> as in
> dance, or through a Fluxus-like technique?
> How does your work relate, if
> at
> all, to non Western traditions such as butoh?
These are just a few
> thoughts
> that occur to me as I think about the memories I
have of your
> performance at
> transmediale 03.

The western approach of dance is more about to
conquer the space,
when butoh (defined as the dance of darkness) is
more about being invaded by space.

The state of "listening" which Martin and me are
looking for, in the attempt of combining different
art forms and creating a language out of that, is
asking for a certain reduction of imputs from both
sides. I would say that we took the direction of
trying to let ourselves be invaded by the space of
the other, more than to conquer it.

As a performer, I try to avoid an overflow of
movement (chattering), to focus on what I
receive-perceive from the environment in which I
am embedded. The environment is also built to
receive my human presence, so is not, in that
sense, standing by itself. The "narrative", if
there is any, is created along the construction of
all aspects of the work.

The idea of letting yourself being invaded by
space, or listening more than talking and letting
this appearing in the work, is calling for an
impression of fragility, a sense of "blurry".

Is this sense of fragility something that anybody
experienced by watching a performance? Is it
something to look for? is it interesting?


btw, we added some movies to our WEB page

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