Re: [-empyre-] invaded by space


I enjoyed these videos, especially 
"02.dance2002 munich - suffocating" with the  ovelay of the degenerated body image. the quick time was pixelating and corrupting as I watched it which added to the raw emotive presence of the piece. 
the performer? perhaps you Marie-Claude did seem to be invaded by the space, and as an audience member I felt like we were watching something very intimate and perhaps even painful.  So there was a sense of your fragility which was almost shocking. 

But to your oterh question - Does an audience become vulnerable in a public space? Aren't we always defensive in public and reticent to engage in works which are interactive or require participation. Emotional engagement may be slightly safer but I'd bet most audeinces prefer to remain dettached.

For me "siamoise twins" conveyed a really strong destabilisation of place with the performers  constantly locked together, making them seem weaker and less able, while negotiating an almost gaming type architecture. That warehouse architecture set up an expectation of danger  which highlighted the smallness and powerlessness of the bodies.

As Adam was commenting earlier the perception is not necessarily the same process as the physical situation - sometimes entwined  and sometimes tangentally related. I haven't seen the works in the flesh  but perhaps they exist just as powerfully in quicktime as they did in larger spaces and realtime performance.


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