[-empyre-] thankyou to our guests

-empyre- wishes to thank our creatively talented and politically focused
guests this month:
Radwan Kasmiya whose UnderAsh and Under Siege are based on the struggles of
a Palestinian youth during the Intifadah;
Kipper  the Creative Director of Escape from Woomera which depicts the
plight of a foreign asylum-seeker in Australia:
Rafael Fajardo whose paired game Crosser and La Migra explore the complexity
of the real-world US/Mexico border situation; and
Brody Condon , Eddo Stern, and Michael Wilson from collaborative group
C-level which produced Waco Resurrection.

Their energetic discussion touched on  different aspects of gaming,
otherness, gender, violence and  immersion. We at -empyre- have really
enjoyed showcasing these works and artists which, as Regina points out,
simultaneously present two sides of the same coin.

-empyre- admin

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