Re: [-empyre-] Better the Devil You Know?

free speech
> One is that when teachers do this 'devils advocacy' it is seen as good
> teaching, rather than inconsistent, and I fail to see why a list
> shouldn't follow suit. I can't say on reading your posts that I have
> ever thought you were deranged, but rather interested in diverse debate.
why dont just say what you think
denial is not a river in egypt
> your job as
> moderator/facilitator probably should be to expose it.
>denial is not river in egypt [ballet teacher told me that]
> However I can also understand the use of a persona to deal with some of
> the opinions you wouldn't want people to think you personally hold.
but you do so why no i ean we all in habit differnt selves... and thougts
change day to day because if we are living that is the case no?
 abu- lughod observes that there in do point in denying that multuple
selves inetsect 'we work from fragmentsed selves and we must work
together as differnet selves who only partially intersect'..


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