Re: [-empyre-] building better list software


so possible improvements of lists should take
this into account and not look at web applications.

in this context, how do you evaluate the success of the Discordia project?

discordia was initiated exactly with the idea in mind to improve certain aspects of online communication and to work around disadvantages of lists. while i a sympathetic to discordia, i hardly find the time to follow discussions there, while i have no problem following lists such as Spectre, Rohrpost, Xchange, Nettime, or the Sarai Reader-list, because i can read those when i'm somewhere offline.

i also believe that the issue of reading and being online/offline is very important for lists. with the Spectre list (and, in the past, the original Syndicate list) we find that a lot of people with unstable modem connections are dependent on a 'light' channel.

personally, i also like the mix between synchronicity and asynchronicity on lists which you get by people being present at different times, entering different speeds into the communication; this is also the result of different types and speeds of connection to the net, and the result of personal choices. (some people see e-mail as it is coming in, all the time, while others - incl. myself - only check their mailboxes occasionally over the day in order to avoid the constant distraction.)


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