Re: [-empyre-] building better list software

On Fri, 2004-08-06 at 09:26, Andreas Broeckmann wrote:

> in this context, how do you evaluate the success of the Discordia project?

with mixed feelings. blogs and the new media arts scene do not go
together all that well. this has been known for a long time. i associate
this generational behaviour and subcultures. some tribes primarily use
mobile phones, others love blogs and social software such as orkut. it
is impossible to make general statements about this. i see many people
running away from email. the shift towards pdas and mobile phones is
remarkable. many give up their fights against spam and virusses (and
rightly so...). remember that linux and apple users are not justified to
make general claims about email because they are not exposed to the
avelange of crap in the same way as MS users are. so always beware what
OS someone has if they make bold statements about the web or email.

Best, Geert

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