RE: [-empyre-] Getting started...

> Other than that, and perhaps because of my limited participation in lists
> these days, I'm particularly interested also to steer the
> discussion towards
> seeing lists as a part of the wider network culture. I think the
> movement of
> users across different networked media forms opens up important questions
> about what people are hoping to get out of their engagement, and
> what forms
> they see as suited to their needs. There might be a general convergence in
> the way people use traditional lists and blog networks these days
> (TrackBack
> and other systems allow ad hoc conversations of sorts to emerge across
> blogs, for example), but there are also significant differences
> still. What
> are the likely uses of either, and where do they overlap ?
> This might do as a starter... I'll also post my contribution to our ISEA
> panel in a minute - look forward to your responses !

Thanks, Axel, that sounds about right.

i've seen web-based forums where, when you post, you can 'subscribe' to a
thread so that you're notified via email when somebody responds to your
post. here is an integration of web-based forum and list/email. it doesn't
'push' too hard.

though it would also be nice, when registering for such forums, to be given
the option of receiving regular html email or plain text email. so that
people could choose to have the web interface 'pushed' to them via email on
a regular basis or as new material is posted to various folders.

could you post the fibre-culture urls and describe the function and possibly
relations among the urls? the architecture of fibre-culture at a glance, as
it were.


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