[-empyre-] lists and gender roles

Hi everyone

First I must apologise because I'm about to go offline until Thursday so I am throwing in this point and then disappearing tomorrow for a few days. But I just can't resist commenting on the huge yawning gender divide that has appeared in this discussion!

We began with a number of long and thoughtful posts from several women about the political, social and personal dimensions of managing lists. I was inspired to contribute and started responding but was twice pulled away by RL and never finished my posts. Apologies for that. Anyway, after the posts by women came an equally substantial series of emails from men - except that most (not all) of these were about building new kinds of lists. 

The difference between these two streams of discussion reminded me so much of the gender divide I've seen all around me since I was growing up in the 50s that it has made me feel quite depressed.

After all that we've gone through in virtuality, have we really not changed all that much?

Please please reassure me that this strange gender divide that has opened up beneath our feet here at -empyre- is just a blip! A one-off! A sun spot!


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