RE: [-empyre-] Lists, softwares and gender roles

> Well, in fact what I am telling you is that software is important but the
> way you use the software is important too. So that, I think I am
> using Yahoo
> in a creative way. In fact, we, that do not belong to an
> Institution, do not
> have any kind of fund, or do not have a deep knowledge of
> programming  have
> to create our own ways of  using network, here in Brazil we call this "dar
> um jeitinho".

the more we discuss the various alternatives out there, the clearer it is
that unless you really want to get down and spend a few years coding, "dar
um jeitinho" sounds pretty good; also, by now, there is so much 'social
software' out there 'off the shelf' and also a lot of it is fairly
customizable, as in the discordia project, that you'd probably find you'd
simply reinvented the wheel' without having first done "dar um jeitinho" for
quite a while.


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