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At the moment, there seem to be a lot of artworks relating to, or based
around blogs, but still so few that look at the mailing list. When I made my
selection on lists for I found firstly that it is
hard to find what lists are out there. I asked for people to tell me all the
lists they could think of on various lists, and received VERY few answers,
and when I went looking for list related art/research projects, I found only
the ones I knew of already. So there seems to me such huge scope for work in
this area.

I also feel that we might be overlooking the fact that lists generate the
artworks to which they pertain and that this as Axel notes, makes it
impossible to view them in isolation. Firstly many projects come about
through list interaction.

Although it is evident that the majority of the art/literary market/scene[s] have yet to successfully grapple with the potentialities inherent [with]in the Net, the capability for experimental growth seems to be slipping slowly out of sight[/site], back into a realm of segregated, delineated art-forms that sit nicely within their own definable niches. Thankfully, not all creators engulfed in net dynamics are determined to expressively seep back into the quagmire of historically [and academically] ratified/reiterative formats and stylistics. Some still perceive [and participate in] the network via a tapestry of deformation/communication potentials. These entities shift & pulse data via infinite network variations. These _artists_ [or net/code.workers] revel in the fabric of connection modes and core elements that represent the actualities of the net in all its functional glory. The code/net.workers selected for inclusion here engage in production of [artistic] output that employs and mirrors the very blueprinted mechanisms of the net itself.

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