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(This might be of interest re: Gender. Rose died shortly after; she was the heart and soul of Cybermind. - Alan)

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Subject: Re: Cybermind Gender Project

won't be in on this, i'm afraid - the next great adventure is closing fast
(reading becoming difficult, writing almost impossible)(imagine! `-)

good luck with all your projects... thank you so much for sharing over the
years.  remember that each moment is a miracle and should be lived as such.

love to all,
rose (who is so far resisting the temptation to view oxycodone-drenched
moments as more worthy than pain-filled ones)

i write not only when ive got something to say
      but when ive got a feeling for saying

Kerry Miller   (from correspondence with
                         Poh Kum, July 1970)
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Subject: Re: Cybermind Gender Project

Jon that is such fantastic news! (not, obviously, about being unwell).

is that an ARC grant then? I thought you'd pretty mcuh given up. Well
And thanks too, for keeping me in the picture - i still really want to be
able to contribute something.

lexie - your research sounds very interesting but i can't say it's the
first time i've heard about it :)   i've 'seen' you on a couple of lists
and, like jon, CM is a central site of research for my thesis.

anyway, jon - keep in touch about the project (although obviously i will
try and keep up to date via the website).


At 10:28 PM 2/10/2002 +1000, Jon Marshall wrote:

Hi Everyone,

This note is something of an apology. As you all will have worked out,
the Gender Project has been on hold for some while. Some of you will
know that for the last 6 or so months I've had something of a health
failure, which now appears to be clearing up. Also I got a little burnt
out with the Internet, and someday the real 'why the Internet is so
boring' article will get written. On top of that responses from my
reviewers and panels during application for funding were so negative
that I thought the project had little practical chance of coming to
fruition. As a result other projects, such as earning a living, moving
in with my lover and so on, took priority.

Today it looks like I have been awarded funding for the project which
will begin some time next year - preferably after i've finished
editing/proof-reading some four theses (which is currently occupying my
time). I think this means that we can now actually move into the first
part of the project with some anticipation of success. Hence I'm
seriously reminding people of the desire to get some publication of
essays and mutual comments on the essays together and out as soon as
possible - realistically to the publisher by the end of next year,
perhaps sooner. I apolgise deeply for all this mucking around but from
now on things will get better.

I would also like to thank people for their support over what has been a
fairly despairing period in my life, and to apologise again to those of
you with whom I have had less contact than I would have liked or that
you deserved.

I would invite people to look at the gender project web page again. I
will be putting up the full text of the application today. Hope you can
all resummon enthusiasm for it.

The gender page is


the official project description is


I will send a similar mail to CM tommorrow, but I figure all you you deserved to know first.


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