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> Eryk Salvaggio wrote a brilliant article on Rhizome in June 2003 called My
> Email is Longer Than Your Email: Gender in Online Communities.

Also check out Katja Cronauer, who has written a PhD on the subject of
gender and email lists. It all started with her experiences of APEC 1997 in
Vancouver and the activist organisation via email which took place at the
time (Perhaps less known outside Canada, APEC provided much of the
structural framework for the Seattle-WTO protests in 1999, including use of
cellphones, pagers, websites, email, etc., then through and CiTR
radio before Indymedia got started).

PDF here:

Her accounts of APEC here:

There's a piece I did on her & other forms of 'online activism' for the
CBC's in 1999/2000 .. it's a little dated but it contains an
interview with her :

You'll need IE I'm afraid, it uses DHTML (boo .. sorry). Click on
"Perceptions" to get to her interview.

Here's a direct link (although unfortunately you won't get the navigation
for the rest of the site):

The interview is in real audio.



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