Re: [-empyre-] Size matters?

> I've encountered, in the criticism of blogs by mainstream journalists, that
> the arguments basically boil down to "they're too masculine", and I see a
> lot of parallels to mailing lists. George Packer, in Mother Jones magazine,
> had an article about blogging in which he wrote:


A counterbalance but not even close to being a tip of the iceberg nor
exhaustive .. each blog will link off to its own spheres ..

.. some good blogs that aren't like this (and from women): (Anne Galloway)

Blogs that are cool from some men: (Steven Shaviro)

man or woman? I don't know:

Packard's article is very much focused on a particular element of the
'blogosphere': American political coverage. Blogs are much broader than
that. Funny how Packard's own paragraph ends with a knockout punch of the

I kind of made the same critique against blog's soundbyting but not quite
with the same judgment passed on the gender / acrobatics .. but still quite
masculine, I guess:

Of note, scholars who blog:

[ mailing lists are most productive when they are not arguments, but links
and essays ... not debate: but sharing .. some debates are good, but only if
a written response is taken in its formality ?]


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