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Alan - seeing as you brought up Bourdieu's "Distinction" earlier on I'm
surprised to see this statement. Any gallery constructs its audience through
the exclusion and inclusion of works, assumption of certain codes of reading
(cultural capital), dominance of a few artists (or at least genres) etc. I'm
not sure how calling them "available and free" makes a useful distinction to
lists here. As a usual spectator/lurker, I'm hard-pressed thinking of many
galleries as open and diverse as empyre actually!


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On 8/13/04 3:19 AM, "Alan Sondheim" <> wrote:

> Hi - couldn't disagree with you more. The fact I go to galleries doesn't
> mean I 'subscribe' to them - simply that they're available and free. I
> don't endorse or not endorse; in fact, there are times I've fought &
> published against the system. If anything, I'm associated with non-profits
> or flexible venues (I've curated in both). It's simply I can walk in when
> I want if I want. On a list, including this list, there is censorship,
> moderation, subscription, and dominance by a few posters. This is very
> different _vis-a-vis audience_ or spectator, from a gallery.
> - Alan

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