[-empyre-] Guidelines for this list and ISEA connection - info

Dear empyreans,

The guidelines for this list are posted at <http://www.subtle.net/empyre/>

Thanks to -emypre- guest  Charlotte Frost for recent posts -- have a great
trip to ISEA!  Together with Charlotte, Kathy Rae Huffmann, and others in
the network/list community, -empyre-' s founder and comoderator, Melinda
Rackham (AU) will be joining a live panel at ISEA in the next few days
regarding this topic of the networked community. As ISEA describes it ---

> Networked Experience
> To date a majority of the critiques of this so-called networked society have
> been economically and technologically framed. To provide a platform to
> contribute to an alternative debate, for ISEA2004 the information society will
> be explored as a cultural and social domain.
> Networked experience seeks to speak about new communication technologies as
> they are employed in new media art and various user cultures in order to
> investigate and discuss their relevance in contemporary societies. It will
> concentrate on cultural production which explores social, political, aesthetic
> and ethical concerns and projects that use the internet as a creative
> laboratory for the exchange and distribution of ideas and knowledge. It will
> serve as a platform to stimulate critical discourse around the production of
> new media art and culture in "a networked condition".

More information on ISEA is at http://www.isea2004.net/



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