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greetingts from ISEA,
We are on the ferry, going to Tallin --as I write. We have wiress and it is going to be easy to communicate with the lists we all are attentive to.

Alan, I ask you to consider if you are referring to PHYSICAL perameters rather than the emotianal intimidation some galleries have. Many people NEVER consider going into a gallery -- while logging on may need a good connection, equipment, and the knowledge to 'log on' -- similiar information is necessary to possess in order to 'enter' gallery (or High Art) rspaces.

We must be very careful setting up comparisons between these two very special environments. Not everyone has your experience (or mine) in understanding the operations of a gallery, the business backing that has allowed it to be a reality, or the curatorial perspectives, in comparison with list management and the creation of a net community.

It seems like a kind of endless debate with no real positive outcome (to me). Can we discuss -- for example -- how to bring the two worlds closer together, is there any reason to do it, and -- what do other people think?


At 10:56 4/08/2004 -0400, you wrote:

The point I'm making, even in the quote, is in terms of _audience_. Again, you have to _subscribe_ to a list. You don't have to _subscribe_ to a gallery to wander in. You can show in a gallery without being a member of a governing board. This has nothing to do with parameters - every venue has - but it has to do with audience. Lists are much smaller, closed, even though anyone can sub. Galleries are much more open. Many non-profits btw have websites as well - you can look at them from a zoo.

- Alan

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