Re: [-empyre-] what is going on, on nettime?

I left Nettime quite some time ago, simply due to the weight of material,
although it seemed less and less relevant to my interests. Its bias was
always towards the political; eclectic notions of cultural activism. That's
fine, but not my main interest. I find Empyre sometimes thematically
resonates with my interests and at other times it doesn't. That it is
tightly moderated is to its advantage. High signal to noise ratio is
appreciated. Being a theme based list I find some months I read (or even
engage) and others I let it slip by. Have to admit this month has been one
of the latter, and I am not at all sure why I picked up on this post
(although anything with Alan's monika is usually worth a look in).


On 15.08.04 03:20, "Alan Sondheim" <> wrote:

> nettime-l seems increasingly closed off; numerous voices aren't heard any
> more, 
> for example nn, mez, Talan - I wrote them asking why the list is turning from
> cultural politics to more or less straight political economy, which can be
> found anywhere - the post was censored. Florian Cramer just stopped the
> Unstable Digest - there's no more codework there at all - he left his
> co-editors more or less in the lurch, not answering email, then disappearing,
> now back on nettime with politics. So that venue's gone and apparently at this
> point one can't even question the list direction onlist.
> I certainly can understand nettime not posting me for any number of reasons -
> but the discourse is far more uniform now than ever. And since there's no
> discussion on nettime about this, as far as I can tell, I thought I'd open
> this 
> up on other lists - (mez by the way suggested I do so).
> Any thoughts?
> - Alan, watching the net narrow a bit
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