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I wish I could shed accurate light on the publication date. Switch went through a major site redesign after my departure from sjsu, and the relationship between the original site design(s) and the new design is awkward. The best I can do is June 14th 2000. (See: That is about right.

The newer interface version of Bosma's text can be found here:

Thanks Ana for reminding us about this interesting document on nettime and its history.

Alan Sondheim wrote:

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Also see:

Josephine Bosma, "Text for Moscow: Between moderation and extremes. The
tensions between net art theory and popular art discourse,"  Switch v6 n1
[art journal of the CADRE Laboratory for New Media of the School of Art and
Design at San Jose University] Date of on line publication not available. 9
April 2001 <>

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