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marc, you don't need to take sole responsibility for kicking that individual off the netbehaviour list. i was one of many who complained about him, both on and off list, & i wasn't the only one who was relieved when he was gone. even filtering his posts straight into the trash was annoying bcos at the time i was on a very dodgy dialup, & then there were everyone else's reactionary responses ...

i'm all for open & unmoderated lists but i also get pissed off when individuals abuse that openness, especially when it becomes very petty/nasty/excessive. the difficulty is where to draw the line (if at all) & which response to choose. i could have unsubscribed from netbehaviour (something i still occasionally consider) but so far i'm glad i haven't. if many people responded by unsubscribing, what kind of a list are you left with & what is its purpose?

so far, netbehaviour is a pretty interesting experiment in human behaviour, & there's good info & projects coming thru amongst all the fluff. it will be interesting to see what happens if/when the controversial voting system is exercisede ...

h : )

I find this question above, that Andreas asked - regarding my own personal experience at the moment is very poignant - - recently set up a list called a little while back.

We wanted to break down the over-seriousness that many lists have been reverting to. Sure intellectual debate is fine, but such a singular way of being is so dry and can just kill those fertile creative juices. Ok - yes, academic lists are cool - but what about the artists, they don't wanna be typing lengthy dissertations every time they post a message to a list - many do, but some also wish to be part of something that communicates in way that lets one relax a little and not feel self-conscious about what one is saying all of the time.

I certainly learned my lesson in respect of control and all - when I bumped someone off the netbehaviour list for posting hundreds of (what i thought) was non-sensical and dreary self referential emails about one;s persons personal life continuously. I felt that it was distracting and killing the soul of the list - so I kicked that individual out. The list members complained (a lot) and they had good reason to...

The consensus was that - 'for a small network of socially and culturally engaged people to, be able to discover a real sense of list-authenticity - things just have to be a little more relaxed and less worried. Less fear about whether the list is doing things right all of the time. So I was asked literally to stop fathering the list as though I owned it, cuz I didn't - it was their list, and mine, our list.

So control was offered over the list members to make decisions collaboratively in future, some people disagreed but it was democratically decided on....and more people wanted to take control of the list than just a small minority of people who wish to have their mission statements acted out by others.

Control is not in mine or furtherfield's little slippery paws anymore) - the moderation has evolved into a collaborative occasion(s), where there is a voting system that decides what goes down at the little' list of evolutionary behaviour.

On netbehaviour - the performers are taking over - yet in a way that is collaboratively decided. For instance we have set up list residencies so net creatives who have list noise, that they wish to declare, share & debate. They can ask the list members publicly, to have their work/ideas seen for 2 weeks as a list residency.

So far we have had Brad Brace, who showed some excellent work. We have archived the whole list-behaviour between list members and brad brace, and much critical and playful discussion was had by many on the list.

We now have Mez who is taking part in the list residency, and mez is piling and kinds of fantastical symbols, sigils and poetic noise that moves beyond academic reasonings alone, for it is performance - it is behaviour.

I feel that many (official) lists have missed out on a lot of creativity, by not encouraging list exploration - or not trying to change their own intentions to adapt to the very urgent and contemporary needs of list users. Lists should be alive, sinful, critical, breathing, breathing, breathing...

NetBehaviour List Residencies:
- an ongoing in-house project built by users of this list.

An networked artist/curator/writer residency lasting for 2 weeks where a practitioner's work is seen, as part of the list experience, adding an authentic sense of stuff to the list that does not necessarily rely just on debate alone, but also on behaviour. A grass roots form of intellectual behaviour that is creative just by being what it

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