[-empyre-] Connection

hi all -my report frim isea..

 We are floating  on the baltic sea with all day conference and all night vj  and performances.very intense.  Very sleepy.
Sorry to have been so absent in the last few days and thanx to christina and  jim for picking up the facilitation while I was out of contact. We have plentiful wi-fi on board but only a small satellite connectiion  in and out to the world.. So connection and mail  is slightly flakey, reminding  me of early net days and also reminding me how priveledged we are on fat fast connections. 
Our panel met today,  called "The List" with Charlotte, Axel,and Kathy discussing what theyhave been posting already on the list.we were then  joined by Jonah  , and In an american style of audience participation[I played oprah winfrey with mobile mike and personal revalations ;), we held the panel in a glitzy smokey bar, and it was broadcast thru the tvs to all the cabins on the boat ] Mark Tribe,  Beryl Graham and other audience members discussed general list issues including the dominance of english, fre labour in running lists,  target marketing of lists,differing funtionaliity of bbs,s bloggs, wikis etc, strategies and the future of  lists. 
The structure of the list being a more critical factor than the content was a fascinating thread of discussion.
an interresting conclusion of the panel was the seeming lack of crossover and dialogue between lists, dispite most people  being on many lists, but there is rarely refernce to 
 or acknowledgement of other lists .  

 this can be  about  cross fertilisation if ideas:
 Axel spoke of the promiscuity of list users in gathering  info from many sources but how do we as a list utilise.. take advantage of..the wealth of knowledge and experience we have here in a spirit of cooperation and learn fron and support each other.. A network of networks so to speak. Or is that impossible and do we just enjoy and maintain our individual differences ?

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